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Carnivilla Schedule

North Stage

October 5, 2025, 14:00 GMT

South Stage

October 5, 2025, 14:00 GMT

Main Stage

October 5, 2025, 14:00 GMT

No upcoming events at the moment
Gamer With Red Headset

How to Watch

What sounds most exciting to you: gluing your eyes to the big screen in a stadium, snacking on your couch while streaming a match, or throwing on your jersey and watching with other fans in a local bar? Carnivilla believes that you deserve to follow the action however you prefer. Click below to learn more about your options for watching the competition.


Event Sponsors

A Winning Team

Client 2


Carnivilla would not be a renowned Small Business without the assistance provided by Hexa. Their gaming industry know-how and dedication help make the event memorable for fans from all over the world.

Client 3


Targo is providing important logistical guidance, financial assistance, and technical expertise for this year’s competition. Carnivilla looks forward to collaborating with Targo again in the future.

Client 5


Over the years, Hera has become an invaluable resource to Carnivilla. As their reliable team continues to go the extra mile to make the event a success, the partnership has only become more seamless.

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